Ruatau Perez​


My name is Ruatau Perez and Te Maurea is the development and evolution of my Mahi as a Kaiako and practitioner of Maori healing over the past 17 years.  My specialities include Māori Rongoa, romiromi, mirimiri, koomirimiri and whare wananga lore. I currently run two weekly wananga clinics in Auckland and there are many of my past students practising in Auckland and throughout New Zealand and Australia. Te Maurea is a Karere for upcoming wananga workshops, puure, romiromi and mirimiri clinics.

I was privileged to have trained under Hohepa Delamere affectionately known as Papa Jo for ten years, and have been running his wananga since his untimely passing. Papa Jo was a highly renowned and internationally respected practitioner of Mātauranga and Rongoa Māori.  I am proud to contribute to the continuation of his teachings and good works in the hand to hand way that keeps Māori healing alive.