Te Maurea is about enlightenment. Its core purpose is to awaken and effect spiritual consciousness and awareness by using ancient traditional Maori teachings and philosophies handed down through the ages to ground us within today's modern world.


Our mission is to carry on Papa Hōhepa Delamere’s teachings and work, through wananga and workshops not only here in Aotearoa but also worldwide.


Ruatau Perez​


My name is Ruatau Perez and Te Maurea is the development and evolution of my Mahi as a Kaiako and practitioner of Maori healing over the past 17 years.  My specialities include Māori Rongoa, romiromi, mirimiri, koomirimiri and whare wananga lore. I currently run two weekly wananga clinics in Auckland and there are many of my past students practising in Auckland and throughout New Zealand and Australia. Te Maurea is a Karere for upcoming wananga workshops, puure, romiromi and mirimiri clinics.

I was privileged to have trained under Hohepa Delamere affectionately known as Papa Jo for ten years, and have been running his wananga since his untimely passing. Papa Jo was a highly renowned and internationally respected practitioner of Mātauranga and Rongoa Māori.  I am proud to contribute to the continuation of his teachings and good works in the hand to hand way that keeps Māori healing alive.


Mirimiri is an ancient and traditional Maori form of massage based on Māori philosophies surrounding health or spiritual holistic wellbeing. It incorporates our connection to our environment and the ebbs and flows of (Mauri) lifeforce within everything and every one. Mirimiri is the tuakana (older sibling) to romiromi. To some people mirimiri may mean a gentle or very light massage to others it may mean something else. It depends on one’s perspective and the meaning of it.

Mirimiri has been around since time began. Since the separation of Ranginui ( Sky Father) and Paptuanuku ( Earth Mother) mirimiri has been happening. Far from being restricted to the effect from hands upon the human body – mirimiri is a thousand things - when it is raining outside: the effect of raindrops washing the leaves on the tree is a form of mirimiri. Similarly, the effect of waves breaking on the shore is the mirimiri between Hine-Moana ( Sea Maiden) and Papatuanuku and is among the oldest forms of mirimiri of all. So different types and forms of Mirimiri are happening within the elements all the time.

Consider the therapeutic effect of a smile upon someone having a bad day – that can be a massage. When we breathe in deeply through our nose and exhale through our mouth – likewise we mirimiri all our internal organs . On a purely human level, mirimiri happens on many different layers of mind, body and soul. We, as humans, accumalate blockages, stress and trauma through our whole being and this starts to manifest as pain and tension in our physical bodies and also in less visual forms – as headaches for example. What mirimiri does is allows us a way to alleviate our bodies of these blockages.

A mixture of physical and spiritual components, mirimiri involves the healers ancestors and also the ancestors of the person he/she is working on to create harmony and balance. This is because sometimes the unbalance or the source of the problem may have been passed down through the DNA and Whakapapa (genealogy) of the patient. Mirimiri invigorates and energises our body. Clearing away the heaviness and burdens that we tend to carry on our shoulders.